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I had literally just left from visiting Tim while he was living in Iceland and the very next night the Northern Lights danced for a week straight. They were so bright and so active, they even kept him up at night. After Tim raving about how incredible they were, I just had to see for myself. I got my first chance just three months later when I spent five nights in Rovaniemi, Finland on the Arctic Circle. And for five cloudy nights, I eventually went to bed after watching the sky until the wee hours of the morning. Then Tim and I traveled to Svalbard in March of We spent four nights watching for the elusive Aurora. Finally, on our second night in Tromso on the eve of my birthday the Northern Lights finally made an appearance. But it was cloudy, they were a white-gray color, and they danced for less than an hour. Wanting to ring in the New Year in Reykjavik because of the fireworks display of epic proportions we had heard about, the trip gave us another excuse to go Aurora hunting.

Reindeer Sledding & Northern Lights

Residents of canada may now enter the yukon. Border restrictions apply, please visit yukon. Although they are visible from mid-August to mid-April, the best chance of catching the northern lights a. Ideal viewing conditions consist of dark and clear nights preferably moonless with a magic window between 10 pm and 3 am. For all other times, we recommend driving out of town to get past the city lights.

But if you want something a little more reliable, we recommend an aurora viewing app such as My Aurora Forecast or checking out Aurora Forecast.

How to see Northern Lights in Finland? With this make-no-mistakes guide by local, you’ll know the best time, destinations + forecast sites!

When I made the decision to join my friend Betty of NoMoon Travel on a trip to Norway in the middle of December , the chance to see the Northern Lights for the first time was definitely a driving factor. I was all in. While we did get to view them a few times during our 10 day adventure up the Norwegian coast, the lights were pretty faint and not exactly the magical dancing phenomena I had envisioned. I promise. Did you know there are actually Southern Lights too also called Aurora Australis?

Here are some of the factors that go into getting the best possible conditions for viewing the Northern Lights:. The further away from city lights you can get, the better. Cloud cover, snow and storms can all mask the visibility of the Northern Lights, so the clearer the skies are, the better your chances of seeing them. Solar activity is constantly fluctuating, which means some days will naturally have more strength than others.

Besides the daily natural variations in solar activity, there are also periods called the solar maximum that occur every 11 years in the solar cycle and produce the highest activity. During the winter months, Northern Lights activity can best be viewed between 9 pm and 1 am, although there have been plenty of viewings outside of those times as long as darkness is present. Unfortunately there is no perfect answer to this question because each time of year has its pros and cons for viewing the Northern Lights in Norway.

Where to see the northern lights: 2020 aurora borealis guide

You can choose between three trips. We will provide videos and Pictures of the tour so you can consentrate to enjoy the experience. Here you will be able to hook up with cod, coalfish, haddock, cusk, common ling, redfish, catfish and the infamous halibut! The region is located right within the Northern Lights oval and leading research into the Aurora happens here.

Then we have a fantastic tour waiting for you. The spectacular arctic winter light and when the conditions are right even the magical northern light will show itself trough your lens.

Check the best Northern Lights season! Check the official Icelandic meteorological site (also known as Vedur) for clouds and the Aurora forecast. Islands, so during the Aurora season, no date is better than another.

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This probability forecast is based on current solar wind conditions measured at L1, but using a fixed minute delay time between L1 and Earth. In reality, delay times vary from less than 30 minutes to an hour or so for average solar wind conditions. The sunlit side of Earth is indicated by the lighter blue of the ocean and the lighter color of the continents.

The day-night line, or terminator, is shown as a region that goes from light to dark.

Please monitor the County’s Facebook page and website for updates. In order to prepare for an upcoming retirement, the County of Northern Lights is For the most up to date information related to fire bans/advisories, please visit the.

The aurora borealis — a cosmic event caused by charged electrons interacting with elements in Earth’s atmosphere — creates breathtaking displays of colored lights that have long fascinated spectators and photographers. The charged electrons originate from solar wind, and, “the aurora is the only visible evidence that the Sun and the Earth are a system connected by more than sunlight,” according to NASA.

Jim Henderson, who has photographed more than aurora displays in northeast Scotland, spoke with Live Science about how to nail a great shot of the impressive sky shows. Here are some of his favorite photos. This image was taken at Harestone, near Crathes Castle, on April 4, The photo captures a glowing purple nitrogen ray.

This display exploded in activity over Deeside 25 miles or 40 kilometers west of Aberdeen before passing southward, creating a moving zenith that glowed green with low-level oxygen gas. Looking directly northwards near the village of Torphins west of Aberdeen , Henderson captured this summer display just after midnight. The purple coloration is possibly an effect of nitrogen activity, but may also have been due to air quality in the region.

Scotland’s Tomnaverie Stone Circle is one of the oldest spiritual settings to view the auroras. Henderson said that shooting at the Recumbent Stone Circle pictured here was one of his most moving experiences as a photographer. This display took place at the unusual hour of p.

Aurora – 30 minute forecast

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In Norse mythology, the lights represent the trails of gods and goddesses traversing the sky. Romans believed the aurora was the glow of mystical caves. For thousands of years, humans have been fascinated by the northern lights and created myths and legends to explain its purpose and power. Today, science mostly explains the northern lights, but some mystery remains. And, its spellbinding beauty continues to lure travelers to its glowing arms.

Travelers can view the northern lights in different places around the world by various means, including by cruise ship. If you love to cruise and want to add the northern lights to your next itinerary, there are ways to make it happen. The electrons transfer their energy to the molecules in the atmosphere, which eventually release the energy in the form of colorful light. The northern lights appear in many shapes and colors, such as violets, reds, pinks and greens. Usually, the lights look like folds of cloth in the sky, while sometimes they can produce arcs that stretch as far as the eye can see.

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You can now search our website to see what businesses are open and signed up to the Good to Go scheme. Find more advice on exploring Scotland during Covid on our dedicated page. Autumn and winter seasons, with their long periods of darkness and the frequency of clear nights, are probably the best time of the year to experience the auroral displays. Nights need to be cold and the sky clear of clouds, with limited light pollution and increased solar activity. Staying up until the wee hours of the morning may also help.

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Photos don’t do the northern lights justice. Here’s how to see the northern lights. Amazing auroras: Stunning northern lights photos. You could follow in his footsteps, or blaze your own trail somewhere along the “auroral zone” that encircles Earth’s northern reaches. But you need to know when and where to go. For example, the summer may be a good time for a vacation, but a better time to see auroras is actually between winter and spring.

Read on to find out when and where to see the northern lights, and what powers this dazzling display. If you’re planning an aurora-viewing trip, make sure not to schedule it in the middle of summer. You need darkness to see the northern lights, and places in the auroral zone have precious little of it during the summer months. You also want clear skies. Winter and springtime are generally less cloudy than autumn in and around the northern auroral zone, so a trip between December and April makes sense, Charles Deehr, a professor emeritus and aurora forecaster at the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Geophysical Institute, told Space.

The aurora is a sporadic phenomenon, occurring randomly for short periods or perhaps not at all. And you can have an aurora experience without even leaving your house if you so choose.

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